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Cobalt-Free Tungsten Carbide Rings

Our rings are made from tungsten carbide, a beautiful metal that is also incredibly durable. It will easily resist scratches and dings.

But beware: not all tungsten carbide rings are made the same!

Beware Cheap Tungsten Rings Online

Rings made from tungsten carbide are not pure tungsten carbide. When they are manufactured, separate binder materials must be added to the tungsten ore, in order to achieve their legendary durability and polish.

The most common binder material used in tungsten carbide rings is cobalt, because it's cheaper! If you come across a very cheap tungsten carbide ring online, there is a high chance that it was made with cobalt.

Tungsten rings made with cobalt:

  • Are more easily damaged by acidic materials (vinegar, lemon juice, etc.)
  • Can cause itching, skin irritation, or allergic reactions
  • React with skin oils over time, causing permanent discoloration on the ring

At Beltaro, none of our rings are made with cobalt. We sell only the highest quality tungsten, made with nickel binders. Nickel binds so strongly to tungsten that it is nonreactive and hypoallergenic - even for people who are allergic to nickel in other metals.

No matter where you buy your tungsten carbide ring, be sure to ask whether their rings are made with cobalt, and if they are, go somewhere else!

As always, all of our rings come with a straightforward lifetime replacement guarantee that covers accidental damage, size exchanges, and even lost rings!.