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Black Plated Tungsten Rings

As tungsten carbide is naturally silver in color, the black colored rings in our Midnight Collection are created using an ion plating process. While still very durable, this plating is not quite as strong as tungsten by itself, and may scratch or wear after repeated contact with hard materials such as metal or stone.

If this happens, we will be glad to replace your ring under our lifetime replacement guarantee, which you can use for any reason, including normal wear.

But in order to keep your black tungsten ring looking its best, we recommend removing it when working with tools or other metal objects, and when performing physical activity that is likely to bring your hands into contact with hard materials, such as working out or playing sports.

If you do these things frequently, you might want to consider going with one of our silver colored tungsten rings, like those in the Elegance or Brushed collections. You could also purchase one of these rings separately, to use as an "everyday" ring, and keep your black plated ring for special occasions.

Whichever option you choose, take comfort in knowing that our lifetime replacement guarantee has you covered, no matter what happens to your ring.